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Contact for availability of heifers and steers.

We also have cuts of Grass Fed Beef for sale.
 No Growth Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics
We deliver free within 50 mile radius of Poteau, OK

For every 20 lbs sold in Oklahoma,
1 lb hamburger is donated to the
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma


For every 20 lbs sold in Arkansas,
1 lb hamburger is donated to the
River Valley Regional Food Bank

Porterhouse    $14.00 lb
Rib Eye   $12.00 lb
Sirloin           $9.00 lb
Ground Beef     $6.50 per bag  (approx. 1lb)

Rib Steaks        $10.00 lb (2 per pkg)

Chuck Roast         $8.00 lb
Tri Tip        $9.00 lb

Beef Tips             $7.00 lb

T-Bone Steaks           $9.00 lb (2 per pkg)

Brisket              $6.00 lb

Beef Brats        $7.00 per pkg of 4
Heart          $8.00 per heart
Liver          $3.50 lb
Soup Bones          $3.50
Oxtail             $6.00
Ribs          $8.00 lb

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